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Raising capital is hard. The financial meltdown in 2008 made it harder. The Crowd has helped fill the funding gap via Rewards Crowdfunding platforms. We have created a private platform such that our clients get access to our pool of refinancers and investors to pitch thier offerings. 

Barika and Kraft has been offering services, resources, and detailed solutions to help our clients—businesses, entrepreneurs, SMEs, investors, and more—to bring meaningful, vision-driven products and stories into the industry.

The rise of Alternative Funding - Crowdfunding

We provide Crowdfunding solutions as a modern approach towards assisting our client's goals. In this process we help our clients prepare for a rewards or equity crowdfunding campaign. The demand for crowdfunding consulting has steadily risen as more and more companies utilize to raise the funding they need to start and grow their businesses. As far as we are concerned, working with our clients implies ensuring they have the assets, openings, and resources that will carry their business higher than ever—regardless of their objective.


​​We work with Experts from around the Globe.

This incorporates Europe, the Americas, and Asia, and we have teamed up with pioneers and specialists in fields like programming improvement and lawful consistency.

We exist to help you make genuine associations with the crowd you imagine—and tap into your business instinct. Our rich, various ranges of abilities can assist your organization with developing, regardless of whether that implies controlling you through viable crowdfunding rehearses or furnishing you with the quality, in-house promoting arrangements you look for. We characterize, plan, and refine our procedures to situate you as a dependable, significant, and indispensable organization.

​​Organizations need to think creatively when using technology to unlock new insights.

​​Different countries have different rules about crowdfunding and the legal requirements are very confused because it’s new. We are aware of all legalities around the globe and our specialists not only understand all the rules and regulations but also help draft them for many economies.


​​Crowdsourcing technology is evolving to connect people, ideas, and insight in a virtual and socially distanced world. This is the future for business loans and we are ready for it.

But are you?

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