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Corporate Financing Solutions


We aspire to be the leading trusted advisor and financier to our clients, which include corporations, financial institutions, financial sponsors, governments and public authorities, and boards of directors and special committees.  


The Financing Division is at the front end of Barika & Krafts’ client franchise.

The Corporate Finance Solutions team helps businesses structure complex transactions.


The group structures and executes a variety of transactions, including equity offerings, debt issuances, and derivative transactions.


We strive to provide best-in-class advice and execution excellence on the most complex transactions across products in order to help our clients grow.


We are focused on being a significant financier and provider of capital-raising services, which, in turn, enables our clients to achieve their strategic goals.


We remain committed to a strategy of prioritizing our clients' needs.

“Successful Investing takes time, discipline, and patience.

No matter how great the talent or effort, some things just take time:

You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.” 

– Warren Buffett

We believe truly that quality is the best business plan.

Financing Innovation & Ideas 

Our Corporate finance department is charged with governing and overseeing firms' financial activities and investment-related decisions. Such decisions include whether to pursue a proposed investment and whether to pay for the investment with equity, debt, or both.


Capital financing is a balancing act in terms of deciding on the relative amounts or weights between debt and equity. Having too much debt may increase default risk, and relying heavily on equity can dilute earnings and value for early investors. Eventually, capital financing must provide the capital needed to implement capital investments. Therefore, we serve established businesses with a wide range of services to achieve their investment goals and financial well-being through financial support such as Subordinated Financing, Investment Banking, Financial Participation, Construction Funding, and many others.

We manage short-term financial decisions for our clients that affect operations and deal with sourcing the needed capital.

We believe in the success of planting and cultivation good relationships for business and trust our long-lasting experience with networking which is the reason why we are able to guarantee to meet our expectations and deliver the intended results. Ergo we arrange the source of capital needed by accessing our wide range of contacts in the field of Pension Funds, Refinancers, Angel Investors, Mutual Funds, Crowdfunding, Smart Contractors, Banks, and other financial institutions.

It is predominantly the main task of our team to focus on figuring out the individual needs of our client in order to adjust and customize our services accordingly. During the procedure of forming the perfect solution to get the expected results, our team does not miss on any detail in accordance with the special requirements and expectations of both sides because we believe that perfection and success can only be achieved by giving the appropriate importance to the minor but stable details of the work procedure.

Risk Management

How Barika & Kraft manages political risks to empower businesses in disadvantaged regions

Utilizing References

Before making an investment, our experts investigate and evaluate the regional infrastructure of a potential destination country. If active projects are located in the same or region with similar circumstances, the database is used as a foundation for the study and its results.

Consultation with Local Partners

As a result of the contacts our teams build inside various local

markets, they are able to comprehend the market, its regional political system, and particular hazards with more clarity.


Political Risk Insurance

This insurance is a measure that assures cover and protection from political actions that could result in a significant financial loss.

Foreign Exchange Contract Insurance

How we insure against foreign exchange risk


With Foreign Exchange Contract Insurance, you can set the forward exchange rate before signing the commercial contract or up to 15 days after signing. Once negotiations are completed, Foreign Exchange Contract Insurance allows the company to set the forward rate of the currency in order to stabilize proceeds in that currency. The insurance thus neutralizes foreign exchange risk.



Prepare Application


The premium rate is based on the insured currency and the term of validity applied to the covered amount, invoiced in USD. The premium is payable in full once the guaranteed forward rate is set.



Setting the Policy


Exchange Rate Insurance meets your needs and is tailored to your

transactions. By protecting you against foreign exchange risk on

offer prices denominated in a foreign currency thanks to the foreign exchange trade insurance


Understand the Contract


By allowing you to finalize more advanced deals denominated in local currencies without incurring exchange rate risk against the USD thanks to the foreign exchange contract insurance


How does it work ?


On receiving an insurance request, we return a guaranteed forward rate proposal. For Foreign Exchange Contract Insurance, the insurance request may be submitted as soon as negotiations begin, and up to the 15th calendar day (inclusive) after the commercial contract is signed.


Barika & Kraft Assurance delivers a notification of approval to the company, setting forth the terms and conditions of cover. Based on the payment schedule submitted, Barika & Kraft Assurance liquidates the covered term for the amount and at the date of each scheduled payment. If the liquidation results in a foreign exchange loss, the insurance entitles the affected party to compensation. If, however, the liquidation results in a foreign exchange gain, the beneficiary is required to return the amount of the foreign exchange gain to Barika & Kraft Assurance within 15 days of the payment date.

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