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​We put the Blocks together. Blockchain technology is emerging as a business focus for organizations in several industries, including consumer products, manufacturing, financial services, health care, life sciences, and the public sector. Barika helps companies and organizations achieve many goals with respect to blockchain implementation—innovation and ideation, strategy development, prototyping, and product development.



Strategy assessment

​​We'll assess your goals and evaluate blockchain's applicability and business impact to help you define and prioritize your transformation.

Assets & Solutions

​Proprietary software add-ons, such as redaction, key management and hardware security modules, give you greater control and customization.

​​Solution design

Holistic solution design encompasses people, process, operating model and technology to maximize your transformation across your business.

​​​Build & implementation

​​Complex implementation management, third-party integration and custom coding assures each solution fits within existing systems to meet future demand.

​​Ecosystem management

Stay focused on the bigger picture while we handle the operation of your new blockchain networks and ecosystems using our proven functional expertise.


Technology leadership workshops and training upskill your team while working side-by-side with experts in rapid blockchain development environments.


Advantages Of Incorporating Blockchain into your Business Core​​

  • Dynamic scale-up and scale-out of blockchain nodes and storage

  • Easy to set up, decentralized ordering service

  • Access control for each piece of data

  • Point and click set up of a blockchain instance

  • Track and define digital identities and permissions

  • East to set up and decentralized


Barika and Kraft's strategy and demonstrated commitment to the blockchain, its technology, consortiums, and use cases make the company a good partner for organizations looking to build out their blockchain implementations.

Our strengths can be defined by the company's platform independence, deep industry knowledge, blockchain-specific security infrastructure services, and strong partner ecosystem.

Our dedication to digital identity innovations from blockchain-based digital identity to technical architecture blueprints and security has strengthened relationships and cross-ecosystem expertise allowing us to seamlessly integrate with our existing enterprise software and cloud services.

We often say blockchain is a "team sport" because it achieves its full potential when deployed across multiple business ecosystems. No organization is better positioned to convene ecosystems across industries, technologies, consortia Fand academia.

Our global ecosystem of blockchain labs for education, ideation, strategy, prototyping, and development supports our clients in harnessing the opportunities and capabilities that blockchain technology has to offer.

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